April Road Trip: Where to Travel in April, Spring Trip Suggestions


Spring has arrived and it’s time to hit the road! The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and most of the spring break crowds are gone.  If you can score a few days off from work, you can take a great April road trip.  Here are a few favorite destinations around the U.S. that should be ideal to visit in April.

April Road Trip: San Antonio & the Texas Hill Country

San Antonio is loaded with things to do.  You’ll want to devote at least part of one day to walking along the relaxing River Walk along the San Antonio River (or floating down it on a tour boat).  The city is filled with old missions and historic sites.  And of course, don’t forget the Alamo.

Once you’re ready to branch out from the city, take a drive up into the Texas Hill Country.  You can center your visit on Fredericksburg, then follow the back roads to other charming small towns.  Wildflowers bloom from March to May, including the state’s iconic Bluebonnets.

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San Antonio is the obvious choice.  It’s a big city with a big airport, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a deal on flights and rental cars.  But if you can’t find a bargain, check Austin (80 miles away) or Houston (200 miles away).  Dallas is a bit further (275 miles), but it’s a road trip, so why not?

Why it’s the best time:

The oppressive Texas summer heat hasn’t arrived yet.  And, you’ll be smack-dab in the middle of the hill country wildflower season.


April Road Trip: New Mexico, and the Trinity nuclear site

There are just two days a year when you can visit the place where the world’s first atomic bomb was detonated.  The White Sands Missile Range opens the Trinity nuclear site on the first Saturday in April and October.  The residual radioactivity is surprisingly low, allowing visitors to walk up to the very spot where a 19-kiloton explosion changed the world forever.

Even if you miss the Trinity tour, April is still a great month to visit New Mexico.  Desert temperatures will be warm but not oppressive.  Take a drive south to visit quirky and unique cities and attractions like Truth or Consequences, the Very Large Array, the Gila Cliff Dwellings, and Carlsbad Caverns.

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Albuquerque often has reasonably-priced plane tickets, and I’ve scored some great rental car deals there, as well.  Alternatively, you could fly into El Paso, Texas, and drive north.  Tucson, Arizona would require a longer drive, but would allow you to add some great Arizona attractions to your itinerary.

Why it’s the best time:

The Trinity site is only accessible on two days out of the year, and one of them is in April.  Temperatures will also be more tolerable in April than they will be from May through September.


April Road Trip: Las Vegas, Valley of Fire, & Red Rock Canyon

If you want to visit Las Vegas, and you don’t particularly like vacationing in a furnace, April is your last chance.  By the end of the month, somebody flips a switch, and perfectly nice desert weather turns oppressive.  Of course, if you’re spending your time inside casinos, none of this matters. But, limiting your visit to the man-made wonders of Sin City would be a big mistake.

Incredible natural beauty and excellent hiking opportunities surround Las Vegas.  On the west side, Red Rock Canyon provides several days of hikes, from short and easy treks to multi-day backpacks.  Drive to the northeast, and you can experience the technicolor overload of Valley of Fire State Park.

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Obviously, Las Vegas.  Fortunately, LAS usually has reasonable airfares, and sometimes it has great deals on rental cars.  It all depends on whether something big is happening in town.  Alternatively, you could fly into the Los Angeles area or Phoenix.  Either option comes with a long drive, but if you’re in the mood for an April road trip, it’s not so bad.

Why it’s the best time:

The weather in April is usually pretty great.  By May, it will be too hot for most folks.


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