Albuquerque: Dinner at Sadie’s, then a Sandia Sunset


I saved some of Albuquerque’s best food, and best scenery, for my final evening in town.  For the food, I chose dinner at Albuquerque’s venerable Sadie’s Restaurant.  OK, chose isn’t exactly accurate.  My New Mexico insider, Toni, insisted on it, and she was right.

Sadie’s was born as a burger stand in what was then the outskirts of town, and grew up as a snack bar inside a bowling alley… hardly the pedigree you’d expect from such a great restaurant.  (The bowling alley is still across the street).  While Sadie’s hasn’t branched out from its original location, several blends of its salsa are sold at grocery stores all around the southwest.  You can also mail-order it through their website.  

Sandia Mountains at Sunset

As I’ve already shown you, New Mexico has some spectacular sunsets.  For my final night I headed into the foothills of the Sandia Mountains for a view of the city and the setting sun.  I chose a spot just off Tramway Boulevard, which circles around the outside of Albuquerque’s northeast corner.

Tramway Boulevard takes its name from the aerial tramway that lifts passengers up to the top of the Sandia Mountains.

During the tram’s 15 minute, 2.7 mile ride, the cables are supported by only two support towers, which you can see in the picture above.  You can find more information on the Tramway on its website.

This probably wasn’t destined to be one of New Mexico’s most spectacular sunsets.  I had hoped the exposed stone face of the Sandias would burst forth in color.  That didn’t happen.

However, the view looking towards the sun turned out quite nice…

… as did the view of the hills to the north.

With this shot, I ended the day, and the trip.

Note: This trip was first published in 2006.

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