The Loneliest Trip

12 Days in Nevada, Utah, and California

I'm calling this one the "Loneliest" trip, because it sure felt like I spent a lot of time alone. Of course, Route 50 across Nevada is famous for its "Loneliest Road" status, but I found places even more remote, like the Waterpocket Fold and San Rafael Swell in Utah, and the road to the Racetrack in Death Valley. If solitude is what you're looking for, this trip packs plenty of it into 12 days of driving, hiking, and thoughtful pondering on rocky ledges.

Day 1

The Trip Begins

Day 2

What happened to it?

Unfortunately, I was hit with a nasty case of food poisoning on my first night in Las Vegas. On Day 2, I drove to Springdale, Utah, and collapsed in my motel room.

Day 3

The heart of Utah's beautiful scenery

Day 4

Exploring Utah's Waterpocket Fold area

Day 5

Exploring Arches and Moab

Day 6

Canyonlands and 4-wheel-drive roads

Day 7

Driving to someplace even lonelier...

Day 8

The Loneliest Road in America: Highway 50

Day 9

The east side of the Sierra Nevada

Day 10

A day in Death Valley

Day 11

The return to Zion

Day 12

Hiking in Snow Canyon