The Maritimes in Autumn Trip

10 Days in New England, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia

This trip begins and ends in Portland, Maine, but spends almost all of its time across the border in Atlantic Canada - specifically the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The trip focuses on the Fundy Coast, Halifax, and scenic Cape Breton Island, at the northernmost tip of Nova Scotia. There's enough hiking and exploring up there to fill several days, before returning to the U.S. for the trip home.

Day 1

Through Maine, into Canada

This day began near Portland, and involved a lot of driving through the Downeast portion of Maine, to get to the Canadian Border.

Day 2

The Fundy Coast

On this day, I visited the great city of Saint John, and traveled along the Fundy Coast, with a visit to the Hopewell Rocks -- a New Brunswick landmark.

Day 3

Halifax & Nearby Towns

I spent the first half of this day exploring Halifax and the Citadel. Then, I headed out of town, to see Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, and Peggy's Cove, on the coast south of the capitol.

Day 4

The Drive (Further) North

This day involved a long drive to Cape Breton Island, to the city of Sydney, Nova Scotia, and then a bit further for a nice sunset at an extraordinary lighthouse.

Day 5

From Sydney to Cape Breton National Park

This day was spent exploring an old military outpost near Sydney, then I made the drive onto the scenic Cabot Trail and around to the north end of Cape Breton Island.

Day 6

Hiking and Exploring Cape Breton Island

This day was devoted entirely to some of the best hikes and scenery in Cape Breton National Park.

Day 7

Another Day In Cape Breton National Park

Since I was staying in Pleasant Bay for three nights, I had another full day on the north end of Cape Breton Island. I hiked for part of the day and spent the rest of the time exploring by car.

Day 8

Off The Island, Back To The Mainland

I spent the first part of this day on the scenic Cabot Trail, but eventually, I had to head back over the causeway, through Nova Scotia and back into New Brunswick.

Day 9

A Day Devoted To Leaf-Peeping

Fall colors were okay, but not great, for most of the trip, but as I made it further inland, and further into the month of October, I found better colors -- so I decided to devote most of a day to a leisurely hike through the woods.

Day 10

More Exploring In Canada, Then Back To The U.S.

This day started in Fredericton, then took a scenic drive to some World's Largest/Longest things. With time passing quickly, I crossed back into the U.S. and finished the drive back to Portland. My flight left early the next morning.