Alma, New Brunswick


You’ll find a quaint little village just outside Fundy National Park.  Alma is just a few blocks long, but it offers places to stay and to eat, and some beautiful views of the Bay of Fundy.


Alma is located on the Fundy Coast along New Brunswick Highway 114, at the entrance to Fundy National Park.  Scenic route 915 begins on the east side of town, providing access to Cape Enrage, which is nearby.

My Visit


Alma’s Main Street is Highway 114, and as soon as you leave Fundy National Park, you’re in town.  There’s a gas station/general store here, along with some overnight accommodations and restaurants that promise good seafood.


A bridge separates Alma from the park.  I left my car on the town side and walked across the bridge for a better view of the town, and the small harbor that’s right behind some of the businesses.


Here you’ll find a few boats which bob up and down as the Fundy tide goes in and out.


You can walk out a short pier for some nautical views.

Highway 114 through Fundy National Park isn’t very exciting. To see more of the park, from Alma, cross back over the bridge, and turn onto Point Wolfe Road.  This road stays closer to the coastline and provides access to several nice trails, a golf course, and a covered bridge.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this road was there, and I missed it.  I’ll check it out the next time I’m in the area.

Drivelapse Video

Here’s a look at the drive through Fundy National Park, and into Alma, New Brunswick:

The Bottom Line

If you want to devote some time to Fundy National Park, Alma would provide a good place to spend a night. Or, if you’re just driving through, Alma is worth, at the least, a brief stop for some exploration on-foot.

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