The Southwest Utah Trip

6 Days in LOCATION

The Southwest Utah trip is a 6-day trip that allows for plenty of time to explore Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.

Day 0

An overnight drive from Vegas to the Grand Canyon

Day 1

A day at the Grand Canyon, and into Utah

This was a rough day, but well worth the effort. After my late arrival on Day 0 in Las Vegas, I drove all night to get to the north rim of the Grand Canyon, took a nap, then hiked out to a viewpoint to watch the sun rise. After that, I explored the north rim, then drove on into southern Utah for the night.

Day 2

Zion National Park

This day was mostly devoted to one of the best trails in Zion National Park, the Angels Landing trail.

Day 3

More time in Zion

Another full day in Zion National Park allowed me to tackle another big trail: Observation Point.

Day 4

A third day in Zion, then up to Bryce Canyon

On this day, I enjoyed one more great hike in Zion National Park. Then, I headed up to another great park, Bryce Canyon.

Day 5

Bryce Canyon and more around Southern Utah

This day began with a great hike around the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon, then I headed south for my final night of the trip.

Day 6

Exploring near Las Vegas

Before catching my flight home, I drove around Lake Mead and visited Hoover Dam.