Sunset in Arches National Park, Moab


As Day 6 came to an end, I once again found myself searching for a good spot to capture some pictures at sunset.  The previous evening in Arches had been great, so I decided to go back and try it again.

My first stop was the impressive Park Avenue formation of rock fins.  It would have been good to have been here about 15 minutes sooner, since the shadows from the “buildings” on the other side of the “avenue” were casting shadows on the rocks.  I knew the view wasn’t going to get any better here, so I raced on up the park road…

… and arrived at Balanced Rock just in time to enjoy this nice scene.

From Balanced Rock, the view east includes many more sandstone formations, and of course, the ever-present backdrop provided by the La Sal Mountains.

The sun dropped quickly, and before I knew it, all the light was gone.  Thank goodness for this daily reminder from nature, that it’s time for me to stop running around, and head back to my motel.

I realized that I hadn’t taken any pictures of downtown Moab during any of my previous visits.  So, before crashing for the night, I made a brief stop in town.

By this time of night, Moab was quickly growing quiet.  A few restaurants were open, but all the stores were closed…

… and after snapping this shot, my camera battery died.  Okay, Universe, I get it.  It’s time to quit for the day.

My motel was the tiny (but clean and friendly) Adventure Inn, five blocks north of downtown Moab.  It’s a family run place, and the rates are reasonable for a town that gets expensive, quickly.

Unfortunately, I awoke to find clouds covering the sky.  It was going to be a long day of driving, with a lot of foul weather, and very little sunshine.

From Moab, my goal for Day 7 was to cross the state on I-70 and US 50.  To get to I-70 from Moab, travel north on US 191 for about 30 miles. 

If you have extra time, consider a one-day detour into Colorado, to visit the Colorado National Monument near Grand Junction.  If you go, be sure to take the scenic drive up Route 128 past Fisher Towers on your way to the Interstate.

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