Take That Trip to Alaska! #3: Amazing Wildlife


Trip to Alaska Reasons: #3 – Amazing Wildlife: Bears, Moose, and Bald Eagles.

Alaska is still a very wild place.  You’ll almost certainly have some encounters with some amazing wildlife you’ve never seen before in the wild.


Chances are good that you’ll see numerous moose – and possibly a whole family, like I spotted on the Denali Park Road (the portion that’s open to private vehicles).  I also saw moose in the Eagle River area, a suburb of Anchorage.


Bear sightings are slightly less common than moose, but odds are pretty good that you’ll see at least one during a week in Alaska.  I’ve run into black bears (the slightly less harmful, less aggressive variety) several times on hiking trails.  I also spotted brown bears (bigger, more likely to be aggressive, also known as grizzly or kodiak bears) during both of my visits to Denali National Park.


Alaska has plenty of bald eagles, as well.  It’s a surprising thrill to see one (or several) of them in the wild.  I saw one in Seward, and several near Chitina, and I’ve also heard that there are plenty in Homer.


And that’s just the beginning of the wildlife you’ll likely encounter.  Anything from wolverine to porcupine is possible if you have enough patience.

Take a cruise out of Seward and you’ll likely spot killer whales.  Seeing them swimming in the wild is a jarring sight for anyone who has only seen them in captivity at Sea World.  Cruises will also allow you to spot seals and puffins, and who knows what else on the shoreline.  You’ll see for yourself, Alaska has amazing wildlife!

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