Take That Trip to Alaska! #12: One of America’s Best Pizzas at Moose’s Tooth


#12: A Pizza at Moose’s Tooth.

Shortly before my second visit to Alaska, I saw a Top Ten list of pizza restaurants in the U.S., compiled by Tripadvisor.  It listed Moose’s Tooth in Anchorage as the #3 pizza place in the country. So naturally, I made it a priority to pick up a pizza on my first day in Anchorage.

Moose’s Tooth is located on the west side of Seward Highway, just north of East 36th Avenue.

Obviously, it’s a pretty popular place. The parking lot and the restaurant were crowded, but I had ordered my pizza for carry-out, so I wasn’t worried.

Yes, it turns out, it serves up a very good pizza – so good that I went back for another pizza on the last day of my trip.

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