Take That Trip to Alaska! #11: Alaska Ghost Towns


Trip to Alaska Reasons: #11 – Explore Alaska Ghost Towns.

Whether it’s gold or oil, Alaska owes its existence to its natural resources.  That kind of economic growth has occurred in booms that occasionally created towns that didn’t survive the test of time.  You’ll be able to find several excellent Alaska ghost towns, including one that offers some great scenery, not far from Anchorage.

I paid a visit to Independence Mine State Historical Site in early June, just slightly before it opened for the season.  Because of its high elevation in the mountains north of Palmer, the snow doesn’t melt here until mid-June, at the earliest.  While I wasn’t able to enter some of the historic buildings, I was able to wander around the mine and all of its associated buildings.  This Alaska ghost town was at its peak in the 1930’s and early 40’s, but the mine was out of business by 1951.

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