BRBA Tour: Jesse’s (Aunt’s) House


Just blocks away from the Dog House, you can see Jesse’s Aunt’s house, which later became Jesse’s house.  Oh, the terrible things that happened here.  You know.  The Bathtub.  Ew.

322 16th Street SW, Albuquerque

Courtesy: Breaking Bad/AMC/High Bridge/Gran Via/Sony Pictures Television

The house looks different than it did in the Pilot episode.  Apparently the owners constructed a huge addition to the home.

The side of the house looks a lot different, too.

Courtesy: Breaking Bad/AMC/High Bridge/Gran Via/Sony Pictures Television

There’s no longer enough room to park a Winnebago here, that’s for sure.

I’ve read elsewhere online that the current owners of Jesse’s house are not very thrilled about Breaking Bad fans who come to visit.  So, keep your distance, and at the very least, stay on public property (the sidewalk).

Our final destinations aren’t very close to anything else, so now we’ll have to drive a bit.  Make your way up to I-40, then I-25 north, and take the Comanche exit — then backtrack on surface roads to Candelaria Road.

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You can also take the tour via Drivelapse!
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And here’s a map of the routes I took.

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