Mork & Mindy’s House, & Pearl Street


One of my earliest memories of Television involves a space alien who traveled to earth in an egg, because his home planet didn’t like him telling jokes.  He landed in Boulder, Colorado, and somehow managed to move in with a hot babe in a Victorian house that neither one of them should have been able to afford.  Then, they spent their days driving around in a jeep through Boulder Canyon, and flying kites in front of the Flatirons.

I instantly wanted to live in Boulder.  And wear rainbow suspenders.  Sadly, the only part of that dream that ever came true was the suspenders.

That beautiful house that was home to Mork and Mindy really is in Boulder — although it was only used for exterior shots.  On the morning of Day 3, I made a special trip back into the city to hunt down this house, and see it for myself.

Mork and Mindy’s house is a private residence, but I imagine they are used to seeing people walk by and take photos.  It’s located at 1619 Pine Street, but it’s partially hidden by a couple of big trees (which weren’t there in 1978 when the show’s opening scenes were shot).

After reliving my childhood, I realized I was only a couple of blocks away from Boulder’s Pearl Street downtown pedestrian mall, so I paid it a quick visit.

The Boulder Theater on 14th Street has been around for more than 100 years.  It started off as an opera house in 1906, and showed its first “talkie” in 1927.  It was remodeled into its current appearance in 1936, and was renovated again in 1981 to convert it into a concert hall.

Boulder County’s courthouse is across the street from the theater.  It was built in the 1930’s, after the old courthouse burned down.

Stroll past the statues in front of the courthouse…

… then make your way through the pedestrian mall.  Four blocks of Pearl Street are off-limits to vehicles.  You’ll find a nice collection of restaurants and stores here…

… and beyond the pedestrian-only area.  Unfortunately, I had started my day early, and I was here before most of the stores had opened.

From downtown Boulder, head south on Broadway (CO Highway 93).  Our next stop is Eldorado Canyon, which feels like it’s a world away from Boulder, but it’s really only about 8 miles.

Drivelapse Video

Here’s the time-lapse, dash-cam video of the drive into Boulder, then down to Eldorado Canyon:

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