BRBA Tour: Tuco’s Hideout & The Dog House


Heisenberg gave us a lesson in chemistry, and really showed he was a bad-ass, at Tuco’s hideout — now known as Java Joe’s.  It’s just a block off of Central, but due to one-way streets, you’ll need to make a loop.  Turn south on 10th Street SW, then make a left onto Park Avenue.

906 Park Avenue SW, Albuquerque

You’ll end up back at the roundabout with Central Avenue.  Continue heading west on Central once again, until you spot…

1216 Central Avenue NW, Albuquerque

We see the Dog House numerous times in Breaking Bad.  It’s a good example of the unique, interesting-looking small businesses that can be found throughout Albuquerque. And of course, it has that awesome neon sign.

Courtesy: Breaking Bad/AMC/High Bridge/Gran Via/Sony Pictures Television

I must have been standing in the exact same spot where Jesse was parked, at the moment he decided to give away all of his blood money.

Speaking of great neon, you’ll want to check out the beautiful sign at Garcia’s kitchen, just a few blocks further west on Central.  It, too, made a few appearances in Breaking Bad.  And while you’re there, hop on over to Old Town, where the “candy lady” is still making the same blue-meth candy used in the show.

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You can also take the tour via Drivelapse!

And here’s a map of the routes I took.

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