BRBA Tour: Crossroads Motel


You’ll probably pass by the Crossroads Motel numerous times while you’re in Albuquerque, even if you’re not trying.  It’s located along Central Avenue (Old US 66), right next to Interstate 25.  You’ll see this sign from the highway…

… and this parking lot from Central.  They really didn’t have to do a lot to make this place look sketchy.  It still feels… well… sketchy.

1001 Central Avenue NE, Albuquerque

Instead of capitalizing on the fame that Breaking Bad brought to the Crossroads Motel, the motel management has chosen to take a somewhat abrasive approach to fans.  I pulled into the parking lot and took a few pictures, but it wasn’t until I left that I noticed a big banner sign saying that the motel is private property, and if you want to take pictures, you’ll have to pay a fee.  I wasn’t hassled, but I have read comments from people who say the employees come out, yelling and screaming, if you stop to take pictures.  The moral of the story?  Take your pictures from the sidewalk, on public property, and avoid any drama.

I’ve gotta admit, it would almost be worth the price of a room, just to see this place from the inside, and get the whole experience.  It might even be nice enough to stay overnight.  And who knows?  You might run into Wendy.  That would make things fun.

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And here’s a map of the routes I took.

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