BRBA Tour: Garduno’s Restaurant, A Great Place To Meet


From the A1A car wash, you’re just a few blocks away from Garduño’s of Mexico, where the Whites and the Schraders had a very tense conversation over dinner.  Okay, they never even made it to dinner.  Heck, they didn’t even get to the Guacamole.

2100 Louisiana Blvd. NE, Albuquerque (in the Winrock Shopping Center parking lot)

This is a great restaurant that serves authentic New Mexican food.  Put Green Chile and Red Chile, or both, on anything you order.  My favorite dish is the Chile Verde — a spicy soup that gives you a powerful blast of New Mexico’s famous green flavor.  I was so anxious to get inside and eat, I forgot to take a picture of the exterior.  But, the outside doesn’t matter, since what you saw on Breaking Bad was inside:

Courtesy: Breaking Bad/AMC/High Bridge/Gran Via/Sony Pictures Television

We’ve covered the northwest side of town pretty well.  Let’s head downtown, where you’ll find several recognizable landmarks from Breaking Bad.

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You can also take the tour via Drivelapse!

And here’s a map of the routes I took.

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