Take That Trip to Alaska! #5: A Long Drive on an Alaska Dirt Road


Trip to Alaska Reasons: #5 – Drive 111 miles on an Alaska dirt road.

If you’re willing to forego the comfort and safety of a paved road, you can spend 111 miles on an Alaska dirt road, cutting through the middle of the state on the Denali Highway.  The views of mountain ranges and wetlands and the accompanying solitude will overwhelm you.


The Denali Highway is actually 135 miles long, but the unpaved middle makes up the bulk of it.  The road begins in Paxson (a town which consists of an abandoned roadhouse, and nothing much else) in the east, and ends at Cantwell on the Parks Highway in the west.  Along the way, you’ll cross the second-highest pass in Alaska’s highway system, and cross the Susitna River (many miles north of the Mat-Su Valley, which bears its name).

Surprisingly, there are several places to buy gas, get some snacks, and even spend the night along this otherwise lonely road.

My first trip on part of the Denali Highway
The drive all the way across the Denali Highway

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