Take That Trip to Alaska! #7: Drive on the Rails


Trip to Alaska Reasons: #7 – Drive on the Rails Through A Railroad Tunnel

If you want to visit the town of Whittier, Alaska, you’ll either need to take a trail or a car — but either way, you’ll pass through the same tunnel.  The Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel displays a uniquely Alaskan solution to a problem — allowing both automobile and railroad traffic to share a narrow, one-lane passageway through a very big mountain.


The Anton Anderson Tunnel claims several titles, including the longest highway tunnel in North America.  It was first built as a railroad tunnel, and automobiles were loaded onto rail cars and shuttled through the mountain.  In 2000, work was completed on a computerized system that allowed cars and trains to share the same space.  Autos drive on the rails – traveling into Whittier on the half-hour, and out on the hour.  Car traffic is shut down when trains approach.

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