Escape to Canada, Option #9: Pincher Creek


There are numerous small towns that provide access to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, but I’m going to suggest one that might not be on your radar.  Consider, if you will, the town of Pincher Creek, as you plot your escape from the U.S.

At first glance, this town looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere.  And in a way, it is.  Calgary is about two hours away.  The international border is only about an hour away, but once you cross back into America, you’ll be in sparsely-populated Montana.  So, Pincher Creek is a good option for getting away from the big cities — but it still keeps you close to some natural beauty.

Waterton Lakes National Park is less than an hour away.  This park offers beautiful views of the Rockies, and numerous places to hike or cross-country ski.  And, it shares the border with Glacier National Park on the U.S. side.

My favorite thing about Pincher Creek is the rolling landscape that surrounds the town.  I’ve never had a bad day of photography in this area.  Farm and ranch land surrounds the mountain peaks to the west.  I can drive for hours, aimlessly, taking pictures and enjoying the scenery.

Okay, how about one more option? Let’s head over into British Columbia for my final suggestion on places to live in Canada.

You can read more about my visits to Pincher Creek in the summer here, and in the winter here.

What do you think?  Would Pincher Creek make a good place to live?  Did I miss a great Canadian town that should be on the list?  Want to yell at me about the results of the election? Hey, that’s what the internet is for!  Throw in your two cents in the comments below.

Oh, and you can also check out my guide to visiting Canada for Americans and my guide to Visiting the Rockies in Winter.  And if you decide to go for a visit, use the search box on this page.  It’ll give you a great deal, and you’ll help support!

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