Escape to Canada, Option #2: Halifax, Nova Scotia


With an urban population that’s about equal in size to Cincinnati, Halifax, Nova Scotia is the biggest metropolis you’ll find in the Maritime Provinces of Canada (which includes Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick).  The Halifax Metro Area is the 13th largest in Canada.  It’s a beautiful city built on the southern side of Halifax Harbour.


Two bridges, and a couple of ferry routes connect Halifax with the city of Dartmouth, on the northern side of the inlet.


The centerpiece of Halifax is the Citadel.  For hundreds of years, this land has been occupied by a fort that protected the harbour.  Now, that fort is surrounded by the city’s tall buildings — which would make it difficult to open fire on invading ships, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen.


You can take a tour of the Citadel to learn about the city’s history as a strategic military post.  Every day at noon, they fire a cannon, sending a boom echoing through town.


Step out of the Citadel, and you can easily walk past the town clock…


… and into downtown Halifax.

So, should you live here?  Halifax, like much of the Maritime Provinces, offers a more temperate climate that much of Canada, thanks to its location near the water.  You can expect summertime high temperatures to average around 23 degrees, and wintertime lows to average around -8 degrees.  Oh, you’d prefer those numbers in Fahrenheit?  Too bad, you’re moving to Canada, get used to it!  But if you insist, that’s 73 and 17 degrees, respectively.

Now we’ll head west to option #3, Saint John, New Brunswick.

What do you think?  Would Halifax make a good place to live?  Did I miss a great Canadian town that should be on the list?  Want to yell at me about the results of the election? Hey, that’s what the internet is for!  Throw in your two cents in the comments below.

Oh, and you can also check out my guide to visiting Canada for Americans and my guide to Visiting the Rockies in Winter.  And if you decide to go for a visit, use the search box on this page.  It’ll give you a great deal, and you’ll help support!

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