A Mile High in Denver, Colorado


For the final stop of the trip, I headed to downtown Denver, Colorado, to find one of the city’s most famous landmarks: the mile high step, on the western side of the state capitol building.

Downtown Denver and Mile High Marker on State Capitol

Sure enough, I found it.

The gold marker is said to be exactly one mile above sea level, with an engraving 3 steps below it (the engraving is at the location originally thought to be a mile high, later, it was discovered to be off by a few inches, so the gold marker was added).  By the way, the capitol building is open to the public, and worth exploring, if you have the time.

Downtown Denver and Mile High Marker on State Capitol

Proof positive: exactly 5,280.000 feet above sea level.  (If you’re wondering why there’s a reflection of a big red mug in the marker, you’ll have to visit my other website, www.bigredmug.com!)

Colorado’s State Capitol building is located between Lincoln and Grant Streets (not to be confused with the city and county building, on the other side of Civic Center Park). 

Denver’s new airport is a long way from civilization.  If your rental car company requires you to return the vehicle with a full tank, you’ll need to remember to fill up, miles before you reach the terminal.  There is one gas station at the airport, but you’ll pay more, and at times, there are long lines.

Note: This trip was first published in 2005.

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