Sprague Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park


On the way back from my hike out to Emerald Lake and Alberta Falls, I made a quick stop to see Sprague Lake, which is located on the south side of Bear Lake Road, about 4 miles from the Bear Lake Trailhead.

Sprague Lake is more of a family picnic stop, than a day-long destination.  There’s a 1/2 mile loop that circles the lake.

I walked a short distance, and found this old tree, dangling over the edge of the lake.


Sprague Lake was the former home of a resort, which began operating before the area became a National Park.  It received its name from its owners, Abner and Alberta Sprague.

The weather was turning gloomy, so I didn’t spend much more time at Sprague Lake.  Instead, I set out to find something — anything — worth seeing during rainy weather in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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