Herns Mill Bridge, near Lewisburg, WV


If you stay away from Interstate 64, and instead decide to follow US 60 westward from Lewisburg, you’ll enjoy a lot of nice scenery.  And, if you watch closely for a road sign, you’ll be able to visit an authentic covered bridge.

Herns Mill Bridge is just a couple miles off the main road (you’ll have to make a couple of turns, just follow the signs).  The road narrows as it drops down a hill, then you round a curve, and the bridge appears!

Herns Mill Bridge was built in either 1879 or 1884.  A plaque placed on the bridge in 2000 (when it was renovated) says 1884, which agrees with the date on an order filed in Greenbrier County Court.  However, the original sign placed on the bridge says 1879.  The bridge is 54 feet long, and uses a Queenpost Truss design.  The bridge crosses Milligan Creek, and originally provided access to S.S. Herns Mill.  During the 2000 rehab, steel beams were added to support the wooden road surface and the roof trusses.  The metal roof and wood siding were also replaced.

Back on the main road, you can follow US 60 for a few more miles, to Alta.  Keep going on US 60 (also known as the Midland Trail Byway) and you’ll end up in the state capitol of Charleston.

At Alta, turn south on WV Route 12, headed to Alderson.

Note: This trip was first published in 2008.

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