Everett Road Covered Bridge, Cuyahoga Valley


Towards the south end of the park, you’ll want to make a short detour off Riverview Road to see the Everett Road Covered Bridge (it’s only about a half-mile off the main route, on Everett Road.  The covered bridge that’s here today is not the original — it was destroyed during a spring storm in 1975.  This one, a historically accurate duplicate, was finished in 1986.

The original Everett Road Covered Bridge was probably built sometime after 1869. It was damaged in the great flood of 1913, which closed the canal, but the bridge was repaired and continued in service until its destruction in 1975. It is the only surviving covered bridge in Summit County.

Look around, and you’ll find a rough path that leads down to the water’s edge, giving you a chance to catch a reflection of the bridge, if the light is just right.

Here is the far end of the bridge.  The sunlight in late afternoon isn’t the best for photographing the bridge.

After leaving the bridge, I considered making one more stop, just a short distance down Riverview Road at Ira — which is better known as the Beaver Marsh.  Early evening would probably have been a great time to observe the hard-working beavers, but I decided I was too tired to climb out of the car, one more time.  And, I still had a long drive through the park to finish, before arriving at my motel.  So, I bailed out on the beavers, and called it a day.

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