Downtown Reno at Night


Reno has one of the country’s most recognizable skylines.  In part, it’s because many of the casinos are colorfully lit at night.  There’s also that big round sphere (part of the Silver Legacy Casino and Hotel, as far as I can tell).

I admit, this isn’t the best picture in the world, but it’s the best I could do from the window of my hotel (the Holiday Inn, several blocks from Reno’s “strip”) and without a tripod.

You see, it was here that I discovered I had no tripod.  The last time I had used it was in San Francisco, and apparently, I left it in my hotel room.  The only good thing about this was, once I came home, I could tell people, “I left more than just my heart in San Francisco!”

I’m sorry, we were talking about Reno.

There’s really just one picture you absolutely must take in Reno, and that is, of course…

… the town’s famous arch, sporting Reno’s nickname, “The Biggest Little City In The World.”

The prominent casino, located right next to the arch, is Fitzgerald’s.  Their signs promised a reasonably priced Prime Rib dinner, and I fell for it.  In reality, the advertised Prime Rib is a small cut, and the larger cut costs much more (although still cheaper than you usually find Prime Rib).  Unfortunately, everything else about the meal was disappointing, including the salad, the bread, and the speed of the service.  I left disappointed.

It’s a good idea to decide at which casino you want to eat, before you park.  You might have to pay for parking, if you don’t park and eat at the same place.  I made this mistake, and begrudgingly prepared to pay a couple of bucks for parking.  But to my delight, the parking attendant waved me through the gate.  It was the one good thing that happened, after discovering my tripod missing, and enduring that lousy meal at Fitzgerald’s.

I visited Reno again in 2015. You can check out that visit here.

Note: This trip was first published in 2007.

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