Hingham, Montana, on the US 2 Hi-Line


Hingham, Montana is sandwiched in between US 2 and the railroad tracks — a location that kept the town pretty small, only about four blocks deep.  But this small town is worth a look — just follow the water tower.


Hingham is located about 35 miles west of Havre, Montana on US 2.

My Visit

Okay, it’s not the prettiest water tower you’ll ever see, but there’s no mistaking it when you see it on the horizon.  The Hingham water tower alerted me to the upcoming town, as I drove across US 2.  It seemed like the kind that requires a closer look, so I detoured into town to see it.

Hingham, Montana

Hingham’s water tower is located in the town’s Central Park – I’m not sure if it’s actually called that, but it is located between Central Avenue and Park Avenue, in the middle of everything.  The park is a surprisingly green oasis in an area where green grass and trees are rare.

Since the railroad passes on the north side of town, you’ll have to drive a few blocks to check out Hingham, Montana’s arrangement of farm-related buildings.  Belle Pulses USA is a grain company that’s based in Hingham.  It’s related to a company on the Canadian side of the border. (Pulses, by the way, are edible seeds from Legumes, and Belle refers to Bellevue, Saskatchewan, where the Canadian company had its origins.)

You’ll also find some other silos and equipment near the railroad tracks.

You might also want to check out the modernist Catholic Church in Hingham, build in the mid-20th century. The town also has a big brick school, which is now closed.

Drivelapse Video

Here’s a look at the drive eastbound on the Hi-Line, from East Glacier Park Village to Malta, Montana:

… and here’s a closer look at just the cities on the Hi-Line:

The Bottom Line

As the population dwindles in small towns along the Hi-Line, Hingham is hanging on.  Detour off US 2 and check out the water tower and town park, as well as the grain elevators near the railroad tracks.

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