New Orleans: Bourbon Street


You probably already know what Bourbon Street is all about.  Heck, it’s even named after alcohol.  Bourbon Street is, of course, the center of the French Quarter’s party scene.  The street is narrow (surprisingly narrow — I thought it was just an alley at first glance), it’s lined with bars and strip clubs, and the whole place smells like booze.  Depending on what you’re looking for, it’s either heaven or hell.

I explored the street for a few minutes in mid-afternoon…

… then returned after dark.  You can see one of Larry Flynt’s establishments on the left, with one of the many neon signs that light up the seedy street.

I enjoy taking pictures of cool signs…

… so I enjoyed Bourbon Street’s photo opportunities.  But, since I’m not a drinker, I couldn’t wait to get away from the stale smell of alcohol, vomit, and possibly some other liquids that shouldn’t be on a sidewalk.

I kept walking down Bourbon Street, past the clubs and bars, into a neighborhood of homes wedged tightly against one another.  Eventually, I made a right turn, which took me down to the riverfront, and eventually, towards St. Louis Cathedral (on the next page).

Drivelapse Video

Earlier in the afternoon, when I first arrived in New Orleans, I drove around the French Quarter, dodging drunken street wanderers and horse-drawn carriages.  You can see that part of my drive in this time-lapse dash-cam video (which starts on I-10 on the bridge over Lake Pontchartrain — just scroll through to the end to see the Quarter):

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