Moss Glen Falls, Vermont Route 100


It was getting close to the end of the day, but I finally found my favorite spot around Vermont’s Scenic Route 100.  Moss Glen Falls is right by the side of the road, so it’s easy to find and a joy to photograph.

There is a boardwalk, but you can safely leave it, and find a place to strategically position your camera — or just sit and relax, while Deer Hollow Brook gracefully tumbles over the rocks.

This bridge will take you over the creek, to some of the prime viewing locations.  It’s also worthy of a photo, itself.

While you’re here, you can also take a picture of the slightly less impressive Little Moss Glen Falls, which is a very short distance north of the main attraction.

There are two different Moss Glen Falls — this one (on Route 100 just north of Granville), and the other one, 40 miles north of here, near Stowe.  The “other” Moss Glen Falls is also located near Route 100.  Since I didn’t visit it, I’ll let waterfall aficionado Dean Goss fill you in.

The shadowy darkness of this valley was actually a good thing.  It allowed me to take a picture of the waterfall without any direct light hitting it, and at a slow shutter speed.  Waterfalls always look better that way.  But roads don’t.

There was a great sunset at the end of Day Two, and I found the best place I could to take a picture of it.  After stopping at this spot along Route 100, I kept driving, up to Waterbury, then I took I-89 into Burlington for the night.

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