Beaver, Utah


As I checked out of my gas station/motel room in Beaver, Utah, I noticed a stack of bumper stickers that said, simply, “I (heart) Beaver”.  I wasn’t quite ready to commit to a statement of affection for this little town, but after exploring for a few minutes, I’ve decided it’s a decent little place, that’s worth at least a brief stop on the drive up Interstate 15.

Beaver, Utah has a small downtown area on the Interstate 15 business loop.  I was here on a Sunday morning: a very quiet time for any town in the conservative, religious Beehive State — though I don’t expect Beaver sees much more excitement than this in its busiest times.

In addition to the big truck stop on the Interstate where I spent the night (the Eagles Landing Flying J), there’s another, smaller truck stop/cafe closer to downtown.  In fact, many of the businesses in Beaver seem to cater to truckers or other travelers with flat tires or broken-down cars.

I’m not sure what Ron’s was, but it doesn’t appear to be anything now.

The Sleepy Lagoon Motel used to have a great neon sign.  Indeed, on the other side of the sign, there’s a small lake, surrounded by old motel rooms, just waiting to be restored.

Another building on the edge of town used to be home to some kind of farm store.  Now, only a few Christmas lights are still hanging on.

Once you’ve decided whether or not to buy the “I (heart) Beaver” bumper sticker, hop onto Interstate 15 for the drive north. 

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