The Trip Begins: Las Vegas into Utah


Las Vegas often becomes a starting point for my vacations, and once again, I had ended up here.  To be honest, it wasn’t the best place to begin and end a trip across Utah and Colorado.  Denver or Salt Lake City would have been better.  But, as I made last-minute plans, Vegas had the cheapest ticket and the most reasonable rental car rates.  So, I flew into the desert, rented my car…

… and promptly drove to the In-N-Out Burger near The Strip, for my vacation’s inaugural meal.  Those of you who live out west probably don’t understand how wonderful it is to bite into a Double Double, when the nearest In-N-Out to your home is at least 1,500 miles away.

I had arrived in Las Vegas in mid-afternoon, and I knew I needed to drive a few hours in order to stay on schedule.  Day 2 was going to be driving-intensive, as well, so I wanted to get as far up Interstate 15 as possible before quitting for the night.  It’s not easy to fly for 8 hours (counting airport time), then drive for 4 hours, but this time, that’s what I needed to do.

By the time I reached Parowan, Utah, the sun was setting beautifully, and I scrambled to find a location for a suitable picture.

This was the best I could do: a farm, near a gas station, somewhere around Exit 78.  I only had to drive about 30 more miles before ending the day in Beaver, Utah, where I settled into the Eagles Landing Motel, a surprisingly nice, new building with a check-in counter across the street, in a gas station.

Drivelapse Video

Here’s the Drivelapse video of the drive from Las Vegas to the Arizona/Nevada Border…

[su_youtube url=””]

… through the Arizona Strip to St. George…

[su_youtube url=””]

… and from St. George to the sunset in Parowan.

[su_youtube url=”″]

 I’d show you the rest of the video, but it’s too dark to see anything other than headlights and road signs.

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