Pleasant Valley Creek Bridge: Old US 91 in Idaho


US Highway 91 used to be a mighty highway, running from Long Beach to Canada.  These days, it’s a mere shadow of what it used to be — cut down to just 172 miles, and mostly replaced by Interstate 15.  However, some interesting remnants of the historic road remain, and if you’re paying attention as you drive along I-15 through Idaho, you’ll see one of them: the old Pleasant Valley Creek Bridge.


The Pleasant Valley Creek Bridge is located on a frontage road along Interstate 15, just south of the Humphrey, Idaho exit.  Take exit 190 or 184, then follow the frontage road until you reach the bridge.

My Visit

Sometimes you see something surprising at the side of the road, and you just have to take the next exit for a closer look.  When I saw the old Pleasant Valley Creek Bridge at the side of Interstate 15, in the middle of nowhere in Idaho, I knew it was worth checking out.

I was already looking over in that direction, thanks to a partial double-rainbow that was forming on the horizon.  The bridge seemed like a good place to take some pictures of it, so I took the Humphrey exit and backtracked to the bridge.

Pleasant Valley Creek Bridge

It’s a beautiful old steel arch bridge, built in 1934.  Recent inspections found that the structure was still sound, but the deck was in poor condition, although it looked pretty good to me.

It looks like they filled in the valley when they built I-15, eliminating the need for a bridge.

Of course, with a rainbow nearby, so was the rain.  I took a few pictures while trying to keep my camera dry.

To my surprise, I wasn’t the only person there.  I don’t know if this is a popular picnic spot, or perhaps someone was planning to bungee jump from the bridge.

With the rainbow fading, I headed back towards the interstate, but I found one other place to stop.  The old Humphrey Cemetery is located just north of the exit…

… and provides a nice view of the Beaver Creek Valley.  If you’d like, you can follow the frontage road further north, to the Montana state line, or hop back on I-15.

Drivelapse Video

Here’s a look at the drive through Idaho on Interstate 15:

The Bottom Line

If you love to visit the historic pieces of decommissioned highways, or you just need an excuse to get out of the car as you drive through Idaho, the Pleasant Valley Creek Bridge provides a nice distraction from the monotony of the interstate.

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