Sandusky, Ohio: Marblehead Lighthouse – Lake Erie


Lake Erie is a great place to end your trip.  And the view of the lake from the Marblehead Peninsula can’t be beat.  The Marblehead Lighthouse stands on the peninsula’s rocky edge.  It’s the oldest, continuously operational lighthouse on the Great Lakes.  The lighthouse has been providing a beacon to boaters since 1822.  It is now operated by Ohio’s park system, and tours of the lighthouse are available.

From Sandusky, take Ohio Rte. 2 northwest over Sandusky Bay.  Turn onto Ohio Rte. 163, which runs past Marblehead and eventually makes a complete loop around the peninsula.

After you’ve climbed to the top of the lighthouse, take a walk along the peninsula’s rocky shoreline.  During my visit the winds were fierce, and the waves were crashing violently, so I didn’t stay long.

From Marblehead, you can look across at Cedar Point, the self-proclaimed Roller Coaster Capitol of the world.  If you can stomach fast, wild rides, Cedar Point is definitely worth a day of your vacation.

Cedar Point is home to what I consider the best roller coaster ever built, the Top Thrill Dragster.  It’s the tall yellow structure in the middle of the picture above.  The Dragster was the first roller coaster in the world to top 400 feet (the actual height is 420 feet).  The concept is simple: you accelerate to 120 mph in four seconds, shoot up one side, and down the other.  Read all the specs on this ride, and Cedar Point’s 15 other roller coasters, here.

The Marblehead Lighthouse is especially stunning at sunset, when struck by the fading light.

Unlike most of the other trips here on, this vacation ends here, at Sandusky (rather than back at the beginning of the loop).  The return trip to Pittsburgh takes only a few hours, using Interstates 80 and 76.  Both are toll roads, the entire way.

Note: This trip was first published in 2005.

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