Lebanon, Missouri: Munger Moss Motel and Wrinks Market

Lebanon, Missouri serves up two necessary stops for the nostalgic Route 66 traveler.  The first is the lovingly maintained Munger Moss Motel, complete with a fantastic sign out front.

Old Route 66 follows the I-44 Business Loop through Lebanon, Missouri.

The Munger Moss Motel first opened with 14 cabins in 1946.  More rooms were added in the following years, and the first swimming pool in Lebanon was blast out of bedrock (it’s still in use today).  The entire history of the motel is recounted on its website.

Since I was passing through Lebanon around mid-afternoon, it was far too early to stop for the night.  If it had been a few hours later, the Munger Moss would certainly have been my overnight stop.  The motel has theme rooms, each decorated with a different Route 66 landmark or region in mind.

Just down the road from the Munger Moss, I was pleased to find Wrinks Market open.  My guide book, EZ66 by Jerry McClanahan, said it had closed after its long-time owner had died.  There were a few Route 66 souvenirs inside, but mostly the “generic” kind, that you can find almost anywhere.

West of Lebanon, Route 66 stays near the Interstate, but is certainly more enjoyable, since the old road curves and dips with the landscape.  A short distance outside of town, you’ll spot a pair of Meramec Caverns barns (the one on the left says “115 miles”… had I really driven that far today?)

There’s also another defunct, semi-picturesque restaurant at the side of the road.

Note: This trip was first published in 2008.

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