Grand Canyon – Watchtower


At first glance, the Desert View Watchtower appears to have been constructed by Native Americans centuries ago.  It’s actually much newer, constructed in 1932.

 The Watchtower is another creation of architect Mary Jane Colter.

Looking out the windows of the Watchtower.  There’s more to see than just the Grand Canyon.  For example, this butte in the distance.

The ceiling of the Watchtower is decorated with traditional Native American paintings and symbols.

Now may be a good time to use the restroom, grab a cold drink, and fuel up the car (provided the gas station is open).  You won’t find many services for the next hour or so.

The Watchtower will likely be your final stop at the Grand Canyon.  As you leave the park, you’re entering the Navajo Nation.

You can get a sense of the Navajo culture by tuning to KTNN AM 660.  The  station is run by the Navajo Nation, and mixes country music with native chants.  You may even learn to speak a little Navajo, since all broadcasts are in the native tongue, as well as English.

Note: This trip was first published in 2004.

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