Father Crowley Point, Death Valley


After you’ve cut across the Panamint valley (a smaller, but similarly desolate version of Death Valley), you will once again climb through another mountain range. At the top, watch for the turnoff to Father Crowley Point.

The best view is just a short drive off the main road. However, I found the dirt surface to be so poorly maintained, I chose to walk instead of drive the last few hundred feet.

However you get there, the view is worth it. From the viewpoint you can catch one more glimpse of the Panamint Mountains in the distance.

Look north, and you can see the Panamint Sand Dunes. Sand is trapped near the north end of the valley. You’ll have to view the dunes from a distance, though, since there are no roads that come close.

The viewpoint also gives you a good view of the winding road you just traveled.

Note: This trip was first published in 2005.  I spent much more time in Death Valley during the Superbloom of 2016.

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