Aguereberry Point, overlooking Death Valley


Continue driving on Aguereberrry Point Road, and you’ll pass from a wide open high-desert landscape to a narrow canyon. Tight curves allow just enough room for your car to slip through. The road is passable with a 2wd sedan, but you’ll have to take it slow in places. As you near Aguereberry Point, you’ll pass a parking area with a pit toilet. While there is a good view here, this is not your final destination. Continue on up the hill to another parking area.

Pete Aguereberry first blazed the trail to the point that now bears his name. From here, you can look south toward Badwater…

… and north toward the Stovepipe Wells dunes and other points north. You can’t look straight out onto the valley, though, since another hill obstructs your view.

From the parking area, walk up this path to find even better views. The path takes you to a rocky outcropping that provides the perfect perch for viewing the valley.

Once you’re back at Emigrant Canyon Road, you can either head north, returning to Rte. 190 the way you came, or turn south towards Wildrose Canyon. Once you pass through the narrow, rough road, you’ll drop into the Panamint Valley, then turn north, and head back to 190. (Vehicles in Wildrose Canyon are restricted to 25 feet in length.)

Note: This trip was first published in 2005.  I spent much more time in Death Valley during the Superbloom of 2016.

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