Covered Bridges Byway: Hune Bridge


The Hune Bridge will be the easiest to find of all the covered bridges along the byway.  It’s located right at the side of the road.

It’s also quite photo-friendly, with a calm, reflective stream running underneath.

Another great thing about this covered bridge: you can drive across it.  On the other side, there’s parking and a camping area, as well as access to the stream.

[tmt_info =""] The Hune Covered Bridge was built in 1879.  It spans 128 feet.

There are two more covered bridges nearby: the Rinard Bridge is on County Rte. 406 to the north, and the Hildreth Bridge is on County Rte. 333 to the south.  I passed these without searching for them because the sun was starting to set.

You should also note that county routes are not well marked.  Often there’s only a small sign at the end of the road.  It’s easy to pass by without noticing the route you’re seeking.

Oil wells like this one are an unexpected feature of the landscape in this part of Ohio.  It’s unlikely they produce very much oil, and during my visit, most of the ones I spotted were turned off.  However, you will see plenty of oil storage tanks by the side of the road, and occasionally catch a whiff of petroleum in the air.

Just north of Marietta, Ohio, you’ll find one more scenic stop.  Pull off the road at Biehl’s Store to snap a few pictures of this Mail Pouch Tobacco barn.

The barn is on private property, but you can walk up to the fence, if you’re willing to hop over a small creek.

From here, Marietta is just a few miles away.  There are plenty of motels clustered around Interstate 77.

Note: This trip was first published in 2005.

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