Cornelia, Georgia: Big Red Apple


Georgia as a whole may be known for its prized produce: the peach.  But in and around Cornelia, the apple is the fruit of choice.  The town’s most prominent landmark, a giant, red apple, makes that perfectly clear.


Cornelia is located about an hour northeast of Atlanta.  From Atlanta, take I-985.  At Gainesville the road loses its Interstate status, but continues to move quickly to the northeast as US 23.  Watch for the Level Grove Road exit, which will take you into downtown Cornelia.

My Visit

Cornelia’s Big Red Apple stands on a pedestal, next to the town’s old train station, which now serves as a visitor’s center.

Cornelia’s Big Red Apple was made in 1925.  Beneath its red skin is steel and concrete, weighing in at 5,200 pounds.

Across the street from the train depot and red apple, you’ll find a few storefronts.  Some were under repair and renovation during my visit in 2006, so maybe more development is on the way.

Note: This trip was first published in 2006.

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