Chester and Newell, WV


Back in West Virginia, exit onto State Route 2 (which follows the Ohio River, and mirrors Oh. Rte. 7 on the opposite side).  The first town you enter is Chester, which has the privilege of being “tops” in the state, since it’s West Virginia’s northernmost town.

Drive a few miles south on WV 2 to reach Newell, a town that would be unknown if not for the Homer Laughlin China Company, which makes FiestaWare dishes.

 The large, old factory sits on the banks of the Ohio.

You can see FiestaWare being born, by taking the factory tour.  You’ll need to make a reservation, though, and arrive at the right time.  Details can be found on this website.

Drive around to the back of the factory to visit the small outlet store.  Inside you’ll find first-quality dishes and cups.  Visit on specific weekends throughout the year, and you’ll also be able to buy factory seconds at a big discount.  However, you should prepare for long lines on those days!

Note: This trip was first published in 2005.

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