Chester and Newell, WV


Back in West Virginia, exit onto State Route 2 (which follows the Ohio River, and mirrors Oh. Rte. 7 on the opposite side).  The first town you enter is Chester, which has the privilege of being “tops” in the state, since it’s West Virginia’s northernmost town.

Drive a few miles south on WV 2 to reach Newell, a town that would be unknown if not for the Homer Laughlin China Company, which makes FiestaWare dishes.

 The large, old factory sits on the banks of the Ohio.

[tmt_info =””] You can see FiestaWare being born, by taking the factory tour.  You’ll need to make a reservation, though, and arrive at the right time.  Details can be found on this website.[/tmt_info]

Drive around to the back of the factory to visit the small outlet store.  Inside you’ll find first-quality dishes and cups.  Visit on specific weekends throughout the year, and you’ll also be able to buy factory seconds at a big discount.  However, you should prepare for long lines on those days!



Note: This trip was first published in 2005.

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