Santa Monica, California


Once back in Los Angeles, I still had a few hours before my flight departed.  So, I grabbed dinner at the Farmer’s Market in Hollywood, then drove out to Santa Monica, to bid farewell to the Pacific Ocean.

The famous Santa Monica Pier sign is right above the western end of I-10.  The end of the interstate passes through a tunnel, then hooks up with the Pacific Coast Highway… which just happens to be right back where we started.

Hazy View of Santa Monica from Pier

The “June Gloom” was still hanging around LA, so I didn’t get to see a beautiful sunset.

Santa Monica Pier at Night

It’s always tough when a vacation comes to an end, but what a great place to end this one.  After staring at the ocean and milling about the pier for a while, it was off to LAX, and back to reality.

Note: This trip was first published in 2004.

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