Avon, Montana


Sometimes I decide to divert from my road trip and explore a town, simply because I know there’s nothing there.  Such was the case, when I drove upon Avon, Montana.

Avon, Montana is located on US 12, on the section that connects Interstate 90 with Montana’s capitol, Helena.

Avon has just a few streets, only some of which are paved.

There’s a church…

… a few buildings…

… and of course, a few old railroad tracks cut through the edge of town.  As I recall, there were a couple of dogs here too, determined to bark away intruders.  Business must be pretty slow for them.

Before I knew it, I was back at the railroad tracks again.

Aside from my desire to explore a small town where almost no one else has ever been, I also thought I’d try to find the convenience store, which was promised on a small sign at the side of US 12.  I found it, right in the middle of downtown, but it was closed.  There went my only excuse (other than picture-taking) for stopping in Avon.

As far as I can tell, not much has ever happened in Avon, Montana.  Did it play some important (or even unimportant) role in history?  If you know anything about it, please jot me a note in the comments section below.

As you continue east on US 12, you begin to gain altitude, until finally…

… you find yourself at the top of MacDonald Pass, elevation 6,325 ft.  There’s a small side road that takes you up to a scenic viewpoint, overlooking the Continental Divide.  On this particular day, however, it was not the least bit scenic.  As I looked west, I saw the view in the picture above…

… and as I looked east, this is all I could see.  The rain in these clouds didn’t have to fall far, to land astride the Continental Divide.  I’m sure on a sunnier day, it would have been breathtaking.  But, it was mid-September, 2006, and winter was already arriving.

From here, head downhill and eastward, and Helena isn’t far.

Note: This trip was first published in 2006.  Much of the same area was covered in the Big Sky trip in 2014.

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