Yukon, Oklahoma

Day or night, you’ll definitely know when you’re in Yukon, Oklahoma.  Route 66 passes by a gigantic grain elevator, emblazoned with a “Yukon’s Best Flour” sign.  Until I saw this, I always wondered why flour would come from Canada.  At night, a giant Yukon Flour sign (equipped with bulbs, not neon — I’d hate to see their power bill) atop the elevator lights up the night sky.

Old Route 66 follows modern-day OK Hwy. 66 through Yukon, and on into El Reno.

Across the street is another, much less famous (but still quite large) grain elevator.

Yukon’s downtown is just west of the silos.

Yukon, Oklahoma is country music star Garth Brooks’ hometown.

Yukon proclaims itself as the Czech capitol of Oklahoma.  The local Czech Hall holds a polka dance every Saturday night (and has done so since 1930).  There’s also an annual Czech Festival celebrating the Czech heritage.

Note: This trip was first published in 2008.

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