Waynesville, Missouri: Big Frog

As you drop down into Waynesville, be sure to watch the right side of the road (westbound) for a Frog Crossing sign, and just beyond it, a giant “frog” preparing to jump onto the highway.  It’s actually a painted rock protruding from the hillside.

Route 66 follows the I-44 Business Loop, then MO Rte. 17, through Waynesville.

The frog, W.H. Croaker, has become a symbol of the town of Waynesville.  He (or she?) is also the central figure of Waynesville’s annual Frog Fest, held every May.  This website tells more about Frog Fest, and explains how the ladies who work at Waynesville’s city hall created the creature that now stands guard over the town.

Once you’ve paid homage to the frog, merge back into traffic and drive on into downtown Waynesville…

… which has an interesting mural (only slightly damaged)…

… that celebrates the town’s position on Route 66.

Note: This trip was first published in 2008.

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