Sundance, Wyoming

After driving for miles and miles, through an immensely empty landscape, you might expect to find a town that’s a little bit bigger than Sundance.  But, like so many communities in this sparsely populated state, this is a very small town.  Downtown only stretches for a few blocks along Main Street, which is one block north of the I-90 business loop (Cleveland Street).  Instead of a row of brick storefronts, you get just one solid-looking building, the Sundance State Bank.

From Spearfish, South Dakota, head west on Interstate 90.  After you cross the state line, it’s still about 20 more lonely miles before you reach the town of Sundance.

The Dime Horse Shoe Bar had an impressive neon sign, but there wasn’t much else in town to hold my attention.  I stopped in a drug store, searching for a cold drink or a souvenir, but they didn’t have either.  So I drove on.

Sundance has a couple of chain motels and a few independently owned ones.  Since it’s just 28 miles from Devils Tower, it makes for a good starting or stopping point.  If you arrive in the winter, there are also 100 miles of groomed snowmobile trails near town, that will take you through Wyoming’s share of the Black Hills.

As you leave Sundance, don’t get back on the interstate.  Instead, follow US 14 west towards Devils Tower.

The roads in Wyoming’s northeastern corner are wonderfully satisfying to drive.  They’re not too curvy, but not too flat, and there’s always incredible scenery on the horizon.

Watch for some old barns and bales of hay, as US 14 heads northwest.

Before long, the highway crests a hill, and you’re treated to your first view of Devils Tower in the distance.

US 14 avoids Devils Tower, and instead, loops back to the south to reconnect with I-90.  You’ll need to turn off on Wyoming Route 24 for the final few miles to Devils Tower.

Note: This trip was first published in 2008.

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