Snow King’s Alpine Slide – Jackson, WY


In the winter months, the Snow King Ski Area in Jackson is bustling with skiers.  During the summer months, it’s a different story.  There is one attraction to draw warm-weather visitors here: the Alpine Slide.  You don’t actually “slide” down the mountain, you roll, on a specially-designed sled, that fits nicely into a plastic track (think bobsled, only without the ice).

Snow King Mountain looms over downtown Jackson.  Just look for the ski slopes.  There are signs directing you from the main road to the ski area. Or, just head south and east from the town square, and you’ll find it. 

I should start by saying, I’m not sure the Alpine Slide is really worth it.  It’s a fun ride, but it’s pretty expensive ($12 or $15 for a single ride, depending on if it’s the “busy season”).  I was thinking it was a rip-off, until I took a ride on the chair lifts up to the top of the hill.

Maybe when you factor in this view, it’s worth it.  You do get a fantastic look at Jackson and the Elk Refuge from the top of the hill.

The ride down takes just a couple of minutes.  If you go fast, it’s more fun, but ends quicker, while if you go slow, it lasts longer, but is less fun (you control the speed using a hand brake on the sled).

You can check out the latest information on the Alpine Slide, and view Snow King’s webcam, here.

Note: This trip was first published in 2007.

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