Flaming Gorge – Utah Route 44


I didn’t quite know what to expect when I added Flaming Gorge to my itinerary, but I was certain that I’d like it.  Utah has more than its share of natural beauty anyhow, and with a name like Flaming Gorge, I knew I’d be in for some extraordinary colors.

Route 44 twists and turns its way past the southern end of the roughly 50-mile long manmade lake, passing through some dramatic canyons along the way.

The Sheep Creek Geological Loop splits off from Route 44, at the spot where I took this picture.  I chose not to take it, so I can’t tell you if it’s worth it or not.  However, I can tell you that if you take the loop, and you don’t backtrack on Route 44, you’ll miss some of the most beautiful overlooks at Flaming Gorge.

Just a short distance further on Route 44, beyond the Sheep Creek Loop turnoff, there’s a great view west, into the Sheep Creek area.  Yeah, that scenic loop road is probably worth it.  (I believe the mountain in the distance is Corson Peak, a.k.a. Phil Pico Mountain.)

Directly opposite of the dramatic view of the Sheep Creek Area, the lower end of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir comes into view.  A steep sloping cliff borders the northern bank of this finger of the reservoir.  The road gains altitude…

… with sharp switchbacks and curves like this one, as it climbs up to the top of the plateau south of the reservoir.  You will find several good viewpoints of Flaming Gorge along here.

Note: This trip was first published in 2008.

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