A look at Anchorage from Woronzof Point, ANC Airport


Before you check in at Anchorage International Airport, you can take one look back at the city from Woronzof Point, near the end of the runway.  Or, stop by here any time during your Alaska visit to see the beautiful Anchorage skyline, set against the even more impressive Chugach Mountains.


Woronzof Point is located just beyond the north end of the runway at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.  From Seward Highway (Alaska Route 1), take Northern Lights Boulevard west.  When you reach the area of Point Woronzof, you’ll find several viewpoints on the north side of the road, which look back towards Anchorage.

My Visit

It’s always tough to plan your arrival time at the airport.  Get there too early, and you’ll be sitting at the gate for hours.  Too late, and well, you’ll be sitting at the gate for hours, because you missed your flight.  At the end of my Alaska trip, I had more time than I needed — perhaps an extra half-hour before my rental car was due.  So, I took time to say goodbye to what’s become one of my favorite cities.


If you drive out Northern Lights Boulevard, beyond Earthquake Park, you’ll meet up with the coast of the Cook Inlet, and the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.  There are several good places along the side of the road to stop and enjoy the view — but one in particular offers the best perspective on Anchorage.

Just after Postmark Drive, watch for a large parking area on the right.  Here, you’ll be able to see a sweeping panorama of the coast…


… and with a bit of zooming in, you can see many of the tallest buildings in Alaska.  This shot gets even more beautiful when there are fewer clouds hanging around the mountain peaks — and even prettier still, when the setting sun lights up the entire scene.

I spent a few minutes here, wondering when I would be back.  I hope it’s soon.  Alaska has so much more to offer.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the best place to view Anchorage and the mountains, this is it.  Stop by around sunset to see the buildings and the mountains illuminated.

Drivelapse Video

Here’s a time-lapse look at the drive into Anchorage, ending at Earthquake Park (video from 2015).

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