Scenic Drive: Boxley Valley, Arkansas


After the turnoff to the Hide-Out Hollow Trail (on the previous page), Route 43 begins to drop down towards the Buffalo River.  It was fun to drive along the top of the ridge, but Boxley Valley provided a nice variety to the drive.  Along Route 43, on the way to Route 74, there were some old, historic structures, like this old church (or school, maybe?) that overlooks the road.

At the crossroads of 43 and 74, the Boxley Valley Historic District officially begins.  Next to the intersection, the National Park Service has preserved some of the oldest structures in the area, which were built by some of Boxley Valley’s earliest pioneers.

William Villines built this home in 1850.  Four years later, his son James was born here.  James became known as “Beaver Jim” because of his trapping abilities.  He lived here until he married in 1880.

If the house looks a lot like a barn, there’s a good reason.  The Villines family used it as a barn until the mid-20th century.

Another building stands in the house/barn’s backyard.  Both structures give you a good idea of the rough conditions that early pioneers faced.  Those walls wouldn’t block much wind or water.

The turnoff to Lost Valley Park is only a short distance down the road.  I’ll cover the rest of Boxley Valley on this page, but if you want to jump ahead to [next]

If you want to take pictures of barns, you’ll find no shortage of them as you pass through Boxley Valley.

The only problem is deciding which barns you’ll stop to photograph.

Drivelapse Video

Here’s a time-lapse dash-cam video of my drive from Hide-out Hollow, down Route 43 into Boxley Valley, then into Lost Valley Park:

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