Port Gibson, Mississippi


The town of Port Gibson had a look and feel that, by now, I had come to expect in small Mississippi towns.  There’s an impressive courthouse standing behind a roundabout, and at the center stands a Confederate monument.

Port Gibson was at the center of a pivotal point of the Civil War.  It was nearby that Union troops crossed the Mississippi and began their advance on Vicksburg.  Confederate forces around Port Gibson repeatedly tried to stop the Yankees, but couldn’t — proving that the Union was powerful enough to take control of the Mississippi and Vicksburg.

In addition to its Civil War history, Port Gibson has an interesting downtown with a few neat old signs that are still hanging around.

It looked like there were a few lights on inside the old Trace Theater, but its neon marquee has certainly seen better days.

Washateria?  …. then again, I guess when you think about it, “Laundromat” is just about as weird a word.

From Port Gibson, head north on US 61 towards Vicksburg.

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