Cheaha State Park: Alabama’s Highest Point


I decided to start out my long drive home to flat, low Florida, with a visit to the highest mountain I could find.  Cheaha State Park tops out at 2,407 feet, making it the highest point in Alabama, and the thinnest air I would breathe before returning home.

From Birmingham, take Interstate 20 east to exit 191, then follow US 431 south to Alabama Route 281, which runs into Cheaha State Park. 

Just in case 2,407 feet isn’t high enough for you…

… you can gain a little more elevation, by climbing to the top of Cheaha’s CCC-constructed observation tower.

The view at the top isn’t exactly breathtaking.  Of course, the cloudy weather didn’t help, either.

The Doug Ghee Accessible Trail to Bald Rock proved to be a bit more rewarding.  Sure, it’s not quite at the highest point in Alabama, but it does lead…

… to a nice view at Bald Rock.  You can climb down off the boardwalk trail for the best view, at the edge of the rocks.

I found one last ledge on which to rest my feet, before heading home.

The Creek Indians named this area “Chaha”, appropriately meaning “high place”. 

There is a lodge, cabins, and restaurant at Cheaha State Park.  Here’s the official website.

Leaving Cheaha State Park: backtrack a short distance on Route 281 to Route 49, then head south on 49 to Lineville.

Drivelapse Video

Here’s the time-lapse dash-cam video of the drive from Interstate 20 into Cheaha State Park, then on to Horseshoe Bend Military Park:

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