Winter Hikes: 1: The Big Loop, Chiricahua National Monument


This is one of my favorite winter hikes. Located in the uninhabited southeastern corner of Arizona, Chiricahua National Monument is remote, and solitude is plentiful.  Hiking the big loop (an assemblage of several shorter trails) can be a day-long adventure, and it gives you access to the Heart of Rocks: a garden of naturally sculpted statues and shapes. Fill your backpack with water and snacks, and anything else you’ll need, because you’ll be mostly alone on this 9.5-mile hike.  Snow is possible here, but not likely.


From Phoenix or Tucson, take Interstate 10 east.  At Willcox, turn onto Route 186, then 181, into Chiricahua National Park.  Access the trail at either Echo Canyon or Massai Point.

>> Read More about the Big Loop hike at Chiricahua here 

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